7 Reasons You Have Rodents in Your Home

Understanding why rodents are attracted to your lovely Melbourne home can be difficult to understand. But what happens if you have a rodent problem? Will you need to call a rodent control service

Let’s take a look and see if you need rodent control. Below is a list of helpful ways you can identify rodents and what you can do about it. 

The following reasons may be causing rodents in your home:


Human food that is not properly stored, such as in air-tight containers, can become food sources for rodents.

Pet waste.

Digested food, such as that found in pet waste, can provide another source of food for rodents.


Compost is yet another food source for rodents, even though it is rotting. Additionally, it creates heat which is a source of warmth.


Other parts of your home such as the ceiling, floors, walls and furniture create additional areas of warmth.

Water Leaks. 

Leaking pipes, taps and other areas where water congregates provides a source of water.


Openings in the walls, ceilings and under homes allow for areas where rodents can gain entry to your home.

Fruit trees. 

Fruit trees provide a source of food for rodents.

Rodent Control Cost

Professional rodent control services can range from $199 to $600, depending on the size of your home or property. Additional factors include the current state of rodents on the property and the amount of rodenticide required.

There are a variety of reasons for rodent infestations in your home, all providing sources of food, warmth and water. Controlling this food, water and warmth will significantly reduce the possibility of rodent issues in your home. If you do find yourself with rodent problems, you can engage the services of a professional rodent control service.